Firehose Lightning Talks

Where students showcase their passions


Lightning Talk - A short, 5-7 minute, talk about a specific topic in the design & development world.

Students, alumni, & mentors gather together to support & showcase the things that they have learned & are passionate about.


The intentions of the lightning talks are to support our community in their pusuit for confidence & skill growth.

  • The best way to learn is to teach; level up by teaching by what you've learned
  • Grow your confidence in talking about technology, development, & design by presenting to a group of like minded individuals who won't judge you & who will applaud your bravery
  • Have a video showcasing your talk to share with friends, peers, & potential employers
  • Shine a light on a new technology, tool, service, gem, plugin, etc that could improve the development & design life of your peers
  • Most importantly because it's FUN!


It's fairly easy to get involved with the lightning talks as either a speaker or an audience member.

As an audience member:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Upvote topics of interest
  3. Add a new topic

As a speaker:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Upvote topics of interest
  3. Add a topic you want to give a talk on
  4. Find the topic youw ant to give a talk on
  5. Click the Unassigned button to assign the talk to yourself
  6. Contact a Lightning Talk admin in Slack for scheduling (@kenmazaika, @colinrubbert, & @david.savatski)
  7. Bring your amazing talk & your 'A' game to the night of your talk



On the interwebs of course! It's hosted in the same place as office hours & you'll get an email & Slack notification with the link


Thursday of the scheduled date (will be announced 2-4 weeks in advance)


8pm EST

What to bring:

Your funky self... and a general curiousity & your peer support

Curious what the current topics are or want to watch previously recorded talks? Check the links below: