All Talks on 2015-10-01

Stop sweating! Interview with ease (David Savatski)

Focus on what you can control. This talk will not focus on the technical or "whiteboarding" part of the interview - that's what Firehose Project is great at, along with your mentor. Before switching to the tech industry, I was a recruiting manager for 3 years and have done over 500 interviews with candidates during that time period. What I will cover: 1) get your non-verbals to work for you 2) shift the control of the interview with your questions 3) 3 pieces of advice - 500+ interviews' worth of exp from the other side of the table boiled down for you

Tmux (Tyler Pendleton)

Terminal Multiplexer. Switch easily between several programs in one terminal.

SCSS and Nesting Styles (Mikaila Waters)

Hate long stylesheets? We'll walk through what makes SCSS different from CSS and how you can use nesting to keep your stylesheets short and sweet.

Using Ruby Mine (Diane Van Etten)

Would love to know the benefits of using this software.