All Talks on 2016-06-02

Dockerizing Firehose App (Diane Van Etten)

Part 2 of the Docker lightning talk. This one will go through how to "dockerize" one of the firehose apps and maybe even use docker instead of vagrant to set up the firehose container!

Extract Method Refactor: Luhn Algorithm (Philip Bradley)

Super quick demo of how you can apply a very simple refactoring technique to reduce complexity (and therefore headache)

Getting Started with Cloud Cannon (Colin Rubbert)

Cloud Cannon is a CMS for Jekyll repos.

Intermediate CSS (John Zhao)

Wait...what does #header_3 do again? You've built your first website and your CSS is a mess! This talk is an intro to get you started thinking about writing scalable and maintainable CSS. Will touch on topics like SASS, BEM, semantic css, and utility classes.

Start making $$ after 1 month of FirehoseProject (David Savatski)

You don't have to wait until you have years of exp as a pro web dev. You know enough after completing part of Nomster to make a splash page with a form and a few bells and whistles. A lot of service-based businesses have very simple needs for a website. This builds upon John C's (sorry if I got this wrong) talk about how to generate some side jobs and business.