All Talks on 2016-08-18

Organization, progressive enhancement & @supports (Colin Rubbert)

How to organize your Sass, writing CSS/Sass with fallbacks in mind, and leveraging @supports to make your CSS/Sass more cross-browser accessible.

Intro to Flexbox (John Zhao)

Layouts are a breeze with flexbox. I'll go over the basics and common use cases to get you up and running with one of the web's cutting edge technology.

Mikey, a React/Redux CLI/Framework (Michael Farrell)

Mikey is a CLI / Framework for React/Redux applications. Mikey was designed to be simple, intuitive to use, and increase development speed and productivity of React/Redux applications. Mikey can generate React/Redux projects and files, saving the developer valuable time that can be spent building features. Mikey can also be used in any React/Redux project and is intended to be a broad solution.

Building a Simple Search Function in Rails (Ernie Jamison)

Database getting large? need a way to quickly locate a key piece of information? Build a search functionality.